Monday, 14 April 2014

say cheese!

Below -
Len shares out the cheese-cake donated to the Shed from the Kaipatiki Community Trust:

aeronautical buffs needed

Men's Shed North Shore member Craig is building a Wittman Tailwind aeroplane here in Auckland. There are lots of jobs of varied nature to be done (skilled & unskilled) anyone interested in helping out can contact Craig on 0272 331 234.

Friday, 11 April 2014

flight simiulator

Mens Shed  North Shore member William is building a new addition to his flight simulator network:

Thursday, 3 April 2014

handy first aid tip

Here's a great tip from a 1960's copy of "Women's Weekly": keep a packet of gelatine in your first aid kit - when someone cuts themself pour sterile gelatine onto the cut, it will rapidly seal the wound by congealing the blood.....

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

new shed project

 As an environmental artist I see a lot of perfectly good materials being disposed of in landfill. Having lived in Fiji and visited several Pacific islands I am aware that much of our waste would be very welcome to our neighbours - particularly after disasters such as tsunamis and hurricanes. The remoteness and often poverty of these islands makes recovery from disaster extremely difficult and very expensive.
I have previously organised assistance to Bali after the bombing ("Byron Loves Bali" in 2003), and to Niuatoputapu in Tonga after the tsunami (2010). Currently I am continuing to collect tools, knives, nails, and pots and pans for Niua as many of the people have by no means recovered from the damage of the tsunami.

 See details on my new blog:

I am learning to restore and sharpen tools at the Shed, and members have been most generous in donating tools as well as hardware (nails/screws/etc) - many thanks guys....

this ain't easy!
salvaged from a hardware skip!