Wednesday, 8 June 2016

onwards and upwards

To my readers and blog followers:
Please note that I am no longer connected in any way with the entity calling itself "Men's Shed North Shore".

Earlier this year I informed the board of trustees that:
(1) in my opinion the point-blank refusal of the Chairman to hold any meetings with the members to discuss Shed issues was surely undemocratic
(2) the further refusal of the Chairman to discuss health and safety matters at the Shed was at best irresponsible, as I and many other members regard health and safety measures at MSNS to be totally inadequate and have repeatedly informed the board of our concerns. One member has already lost a thumb while using the table saw at the Shed, and it is only a matter of time before someone else is either seriously maimed or killed in this facility.

The response of the board was to terminate my membership.

Thankfully this will mean that I will not be held liable when legal proceedings are taken against the Shed when the next serious accident, or a fatality, occurs.

I continue to be interested in the trials and tribulations of retirement as it affects men, and will continue to research and write about the subject, as well as visit well-managed Men's Sheds in New Zealand.

Martin Adlington