Friday, 22 March 2013

sheds in australia

There are said to be over 600 Men's Sheds in Australia. I had a look on the website of the Australian Men's Shed Association for sheds within 200km of Melbourne (my old stamping ground) -
From a look through the websites of some of these sheds it is clear that many of them are backed by city councils and government entities whose activities are concerned with the well-being of people and their communities. Also quite a significant amount of research is being conducted by Australian tertiary students into the health and social benefits of Men's Sheds.
There is even a mobile Men's Shed! 

Mobile Memories say:
Our Mobile Men’s Shed is a “passive” shed: 
•          Tools from the 1900’s – 1960’s era are on display
 •          Combination of fixed tool displays and tools to hold and handle
 •          Encourages reminiscing and discussion through touch, feel and smell
 •          Aid in the fostering of enhanced family relationships which is often lacking is later years
 •          Construction / assembly of simple models will be available
 •          A good old fashioned BBQ can be made available to round out the experience•          An outing that comes to them
In addition to the tools, the program also brings a variety of memorabilia from the early part of the century to engage and stimulate those residents who are “not in the mood” for tools on that day.  These includes include old coins, magazines, leather school satchels, storage tins etc – all items that stimulate memories and an array of interesting conversations
Aged Care facilities have a wide variety of Lifestyle & Leisure activities that service and address the needs of women, but there is a distinct shortage of male focussed initiatives. Our Mobile Men’s Shed helps to address this gap.
The Mobile Men’s Shed leverages the principals of the Community Men’s Shed program to create of sense of being, belonging, mateship and a place to be valued all in an environment where they feel familiar and comfortable.
Incorporating the Mobile Men’s Shed into Lifestyle and Leisure programs aides and assists the health, well being of these residents and provides mental and physical stimulation into their lives.

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