Thursday, 4 June 2015

portable picnic wine table

The images of John's with his "around-to-it" created a lot of interest on the MSNS facebook page, and several people requested a copy of the plan. So here we go.....

(John’s top is about 50mm thick)
As below in Picture 1:
A (diameter of the table) = 340mm
B (diameter of the glass holders) = 50mm
C (distance from the rim of the table to the hole) = 25mm
D (diameter of the bottle holder) = 75-80mm - check the size of the bottles you will use
E (length of the handle slot) = 115mm
F (width of the handle slot) = 25mm

picture 1

Picture 2:
G (from the bottom of the table to the of of the bottle support) = 140mm
H (the length of the hinge-block) = 80mm (30mm high & 20mm wide)
I (distance of the hinge screw from the bottle end) =  35mm
picture 2
The dimensions for the leg are:
Length = 50cm
Width = 30mm
The upper end of the leg behind the scres at "I" will have to be rounded off to allow the leg to swing upwards.

Picture 3
J (distance of the screw from the bottom of the table) = 20mm

picture 3

Picture 4
K (length of the metal rod) = 160mm or more
L (length of hole for the rod) = 80mm

 Further images of another version of this table cane be found at

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